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Tender Loving Care Specialties

News and Events

Just in case you're interested.

Chelsea & Hannah Hunt
at age 9 & 10 with their 1st quilts
summer 2000.


I have enjoyed teaching my nieces to quilt. It allows me to pass on the heritage of quilting and it gives the girls something to look forward to each summer.  We enjoy a new project each summer.

News Flash...
Dr. Lewis' quilt can be viewed hanging at Florida A&M. 
I'm proud to announce that I also have quilts in New Zealand, Chicago, Texas, Alabama, New York, and all over Georgia.

Since all quilts are custom made I need for you to contact me as soon as possible.  Quilt orders for the winter holidays need to be in by November 1st and all graduation orders should be in by April 1st.  Some exceptions can be made to this schedule but it depends on the orders I have in house.

What's New
Now offering my unique funky freestyle quilting to complete your top!

Dr. Henry Lewis III

A bicycle; Actual size=130 pixels wide

This quilt was presented in appreciation
for DR Lewis' service to the
Minority Healthcare Foundation
upon his retirement.

Making Memories Even More Special