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Tender Loving Care Specialties

About the Quilter

Just the highlights!

I'm as southern as they come; I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and still reside in the metropolitan area. I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful young men. Our family shares the love of a Brittany Spaniel, a pair of Blue & Gold Macaws, an African Grey, a pair of Cockatiels, and a pair of Parakeets. I have always believed that family comes first, so it was only natural that I have progressed to documenting family memories with quilts.

I began sewing as a young girl with the assistance of my Aunt Ann and Mama Johnson, who gave me my first sewing maching. I am still sewing and loving it more than ever. One interesting bit of information is that I had no heritage in quilting, but have had a love of them all of my life. I bought several books about quilting before I ever gave it a try. My first quilt was for my son, Jerry, in 1980 and I continue to learn more and more about quilts daily. For years I was a stay at home mom and volunteer. During this time I quilted for our home and gifts for friends and family.

Over the years I have been asked to make quilts for others. However, I did not start my business until my sons went away to college and I was faced with an empty nest and college tuition for two.

I hope you will allow me to make your memories even more special with one of my quilts.

Special Quilts To Brag About

In my quest to share my talents, I am proud to say that I have donated several quilts to a number of worth-wild causes. These include:

* AIDS Raffle Quilt to raise money for our local chapter
* Panels for the "AIDS Quilt" Project
* Numerous "ABC Quilts" for babies with HIV or AIDS
* 1996 Olympic Gift Quilt which went to New Zealand
* 1996 Paralympic Gift Quilt which was auctioned
* Quilts for Atlanta's Habitat For Humanity
* The TwinTowers Memorial Project commerating the lost loved ones of  September 11th, 2001
* Camp High Five where I work with children with AIDS to make an annual signature quilt that hangs at the center 

I will continue to donate my quilts and my time for the causes closest to my heart and home.

The TLC Team

Even small cottage businesses need help from time to time and even though I do all the design and layout myself  I do have a support team that helps me when I'm really busy. My oldest son, Jerry, helps me with the web page, image transfer, and has a decerning eye for balance and layout. My husband, Jerry, and my youngest son, Victor, help me to close pins once I've layed out my quilt top.

I have the absolute BEST longarm quilter in the southeast, Sylvia Davis, and lots of quilting friends from my guild who are on call. I have to say a very special "THANK YOU" to my very best friend Sandy Stites. She is there to lend a helping hand whenever and with whatever I need. Most of the time she finishes my thoughts & anticipates my needs.

However, none of this would have started without the T-shirt pattern designer, Sharon Henderson. Her pattern caught my interest and lit a fire within me. I'm just like the rest of you. I have loads of T-shirts, too. All the designs that I saw before Sharon's never excited me. I really don't like having things that look just like the next persons and this freedom & flexibility is what I love. It's amazing that no matter how many T-shirt quilts I do, no two look alike.

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I'm proud to present my family,
less the pets, of course.
Jerry, Jerry (not Jr.), Vicki & Victor

Quilting has become my passion.