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Tender Loving Care Specialties

Pricing Guidlines For Quilts

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help make your memories even more special.

These prices are a guideline for you to use while making your quilt decisions.  You will receive a quote at the time of our counsultation or upon the reciept of your order.  I never begin work without a deposit and a clearance from you.

T-Shirt Quilts are priced per T-shirt frame.
XL - $40,  L - $35,  M - $30,  S - $25, - XS $20 patches - $10.

Signature Quilts are 12 to 14 cents per square inch for basic pattern with no image transfer.

Memory Quilts are 20 to 30 cents per square inch plus the price of image transfer to fabric.

Tie Quilts are 40 cents per square inch.

Baby Quilts are 12 to 20 cents per square inch, depending upon difficulty of pattern. All basic traditional quilts fall in the 12 to 15 cent range. The price is usually higher if you add applique such as shapes from nursery decor, baby name, weight, date, etc...
Quilters interested in Sharon's t-shirt quilt pattern will be charged $8.50 which includes shipping & handling.

50% non-refundable deposit required on all custom work before starting.

Tender Loving Care Specialties reserves the right to use photographs of clients quilts for advertising purposes without compensation.

Additional Considerations

Quilt Labels $35.00

Rod Pockets $35.00

Shipping COST

Consultations $50.00
N/C with order

Standard delivery lead times is
6 to 8 weeks.

All prices include 100% high quality cotton fabric, 100% high quality cotton batting, machine quilting, and binding.

Image Transfers on a page (8.5 X 11) is $35
no matter what sizes you decide to add.
Multiples can be mixed on a page at no additional charge
Larger sizes must be quoted.

Stitching Memories Just For You
With Custom Made Quilts