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Tender Loving Care Specialties

T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts Are My Specialty

Just how many T-shirts have you got taking up space in the closet that you can't wear or just can't part with because of the special memories that are attached to that special event in time? The kids sporting events, school fuctions, college memories or your charity fundraising functions can all be captured in a quilt that will last a lifetime.

There Are Two Styles To Choose From

T-Shirt Collage

A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

This unique style is my specialty. It is pefect for any T-Shirt Quilt and allows you to use many sizes & styles on the same quilt without the restrictions of a uniformed cut.

18 to 30 shirts work best for this style.


Row By Row


This simple style has a more uniformed look.

As few as 4 for a small wall hanging or as many as you like.
Even if you only have one I can make a lovely pillow.
The possibilities are endless. 

All t-shirts are specially prepared with a fusible backing so that they will no longer stretch. This process will also help to fill any holes and stop any runs. Some shirts are so well loved and warn that they just can't be left out of your quilt.

Gather up your T-Shirts today and
let's SHOWCASE those memories!