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Tender Loving Care Specialties


The Importance Of Documenting Your Quilt

As valuable as your quilt will be to your loved ones, your quilt will be even more valuable with a label. Quilts will out live their owners and it's important to pass along any valuable information. Whether you want to document a quilt that has been passed down through your family or a new quilt that you plan to pass on to future generations, it is always important that your quilt reflect its history.

Labels Include:

Title Of The Quilt
Type Of Quilt
Name Of The Reciepient
Where They Live
Who The Quilt Is From
Where They Live (if different)
The Occassion
And A Special Message From You


Just a few samples to inspire you.


Labels can even be added to antique quilts so that future generations
can tract the family history through the threads of time.


Your limited only by your imagination
& the feelings in your heart


Make sure that you gather your thoughts
and leave a special message on your quilt label.

This message can warm their
hearts each time they read it.

Happy Memories!

Special Messages & Special Memories Wrapped Up In A Quilt